Senator Cowles should be honest with the voters his district


DE PERE – State Senate Candidate Nancy Nusbaum today called on Senator Rob Cowles to disavow the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to put fake Democrats in the Democratic Primary in order to stall the recall elections.

The same day that the Government and Accountability Board officially set the Election for July 12th, the Republican Party mounted a coordinated attack on democracy in an attempt to delay the recall process. “This spring 170,000 people signed petitions to recall 6 GOP senators, including 26,000 in the 2nd senate district. They deserve to have their voices heard — not shut out by scheming GOP party bosses conspiring in backrooms. These dirty Nixonian tactics have no place in Wisconsin. And we don’t need to waste taxpayer money on fake primaries to help Republican Senators duck the voters and needlessly delay the recall elections,” said Nusbaum. “I call on Senator Cowles to pledge not to run a Republican in the Democratic Primary, and to disavow efforts by the Republican Party of Wisconsin to run Republicans in Democratic primaries across the state. Senator Cowles, let’s have an open and honest election, and let the voters decide who should represent them on July 12th.”
This spring, approximately 26,000 residents signed petitions to recall state Senator Robert Cowles, a 25-year career politician who put the radical agenda of his party bosses ahead of the people he represents.  From taking away worker rights, to backing a dangerous budget that hurts local governments and slashes key priorities, to supporting corporate tax giveaways and special interest favors, Cowles has turned his back on the constituents he is supposed to serve.
Nancy Nusbaum grew up in Green Bay, graduated from Green Bay West High School and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As Mayor of De Pere, Nancy helped create over 1,800 new jobs and cut city taxes by 29 percent. As Brown County Executive, she cut tax rates and spearheaded through public-private partnerships the building of the Resch Center, the Convention Center along with new libraries in De Pere and Howard. Working in partnership with the DNR, Nancy’s longtime effort led to the creation of the Fox River Trail. Nancy knows how to cut taxes and balance budgets without breaking the backs of middle class families. Nancy and her husband John, a Silver Star recipient from his service in Vietnam, live in De Pere. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.

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